Active in the market for over than 40 years, CIDAT represents quality and innovation in the world of flexible hose, fittings, adapters, couplings for rigid pipes and fluid connectors for both hydraulic and industrial sectors, as well as a reliable supplier of slabs, floors, conveyors and crushing systems, conveyor belts, rubber floorings and crushing equipment

CIDAT products are used in all hydraulic systems for applications in various fields such as construction, earthmoving, agriculture, transport, mining, marine, steel, automotive, chemical, petrochemicals and others more.
The production, strategically located in Europe, allows CIDAT to offer a broad, competitive and reliable range of products with high quality standards ISO 9001 qualified, including the new range IST (Integrated System Technology), designed for the reliability of the proposed system to the market.

CIDAT manufactures a full line of products and specific solutions for the Original Equipment Manufacturers, the Replacement Dealers and for the Distribution. A wide range, including hydraulic, thermoplastic hoses, fittings and assemblies, industrial hoses and fittings, connectors and assembling equipments, enriches the offer.

CIDAT also provides a professional assembling service,
totally integrated and designed for the whole system reliability

Strategic products are focused
in four divisions:

  • HYDRAULIC: hydraulic rubber hoses, thermoplastic hoses, fittings and assemblies, within the new integrated system philosophy (IST Integrated System Technology)
  • INDUSTRIAL: industrial rubber hoses, PVC hoses, fittings and assemblies
  • CONVEYOR BELTS AND RUBBER FLOORING: rubber flooring, rubber carpets, conveyor belts and specific accessories
  • CRUSHING EQUIPMENT: crushing, grinding, hydro cyclones, mills, sieving slurry pumps and accessories