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  • IST / Integrated System Technology


CIDAT has always looked to the parameters of reliability of its products in the logic of the insurance linked to their qualitative features.
Thanks to the adoption of the Total Quality System and to the valuable feedback received from major historical Customer, CIDAT worked to ensure compliance with various international standards, not only as individual components but as the whole products, when assembled in the system proposed to the market.

This philosophy of thought has been gradually consolidating, enhancing the concept of integrated system technology, now proposed as a guiding line to better orient the customer qualitatively.

IST is the acronym of this philosophy.
IST is a range designed as a system, a guarantee for the final Customer that, approaching any CIDAT product has the possibility of having a range of fully integrated and reliable product family.
IST is the CIDAT proposal valid for not only Retailers or Distributors, but also for small, medium and large OEMs.


The IST family is:

  • Medium, high and very high pressure Hydraulic Hose
  • High pressure Thermoplastic hoses
  • Hydraulic Fittings (skive, non-skive and interlock)
  • Adapters
  • Fittings for rigid pipes
  • Quick Couplings
  • Accessories