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CIDAT products are used in all hydraulic circuits for applications in various sectors such as construction, earthmoving, agriculture, transport, mining, marine, steel, automotive, the chemical, the petrochemical and others. The production, strategically located in Europe, allows CIDAT to offer a wide, competitive and reliable range of products with high quality standards and ISO 9001:2015 certified, including the new IST (Integrated System Technology) range, qualified in terms of reliability of the system proposed to the market.

CIDAT produces a complete line of products and specific solutions for both Original Equipment, Replacement and Distribution. The offer is enriched by a wide range, including hydraulic hoses, thermoplastic hoses, fittings and connected hoses, industrial hoses and fittings, connectors and assembly equipment.

CIDAT is able to provide a fully integrated professional fitting service designed for the complete reliability of the operating system

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